Book Marketing by Tying Into Breaking News

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Would you be able to jump on a breaking news occasion? Not every person can, but rather on the off chance that your subject has breaking news potential, at that point you would be advised to be prepared to exploit it.

One such open door breakingamenews introduced itself on February 19, 2008 when Fidel Castro declared his abdication. One of my writer customers has a dazzling end table photograph book on CUBA and has made 40 or more semi unlawful outings to the island country. He’s an American resident and master on CUBA. (CUBA, 120 pgs., $65, Corazon Press, Ann Arbor, MI, ISBN 0-9768349-0-1)

Having pitched this book and his story to all major media from Good Morning America and Nightline to Syndicated Radio, the entirety of the large news sources said – I’m not overstating – “Sure we’ll cover it… at the point when Fidel passes on.”

In this way, similar to vultures hovering above, we’ve been sitting tight for each slip, fall, missed motorcade, terrible clinical report about Fidel with the goal that we could hop on the chance. It at long last came at 5:30am on the morning of February 19, 2008 with the declaration of Fidel’s renunciation. That was nearly comparable to the tyrant passing on… less dramatization yet worth covering since it declared an adjustment in intensity of the United States’ long time foe of 50 years.

In this way, I cleaned off the delivery about Fidel’s demise that had been sitting in sit tight for a very long time, changed the feature to mirror his renunciation, and a couple of different things and out it went to my painstakingly kept up and focused on rundown of media contacts and put it on the wire by 6AM while every other person was all the while dozing.

The outcome was remarkable. CBS Radio quickly observed the delivery, set up a meeting that ran in Detroit the entire day and night. At that point National Public Radio set up an in-studio meet as did WJR and WCSX radio. Print media got into the demonstration with interviews in The Ann Arbor News, Detroit News, Observer and Eccentric and Oakland Press. We even got interest, however sadly no story since the book was not recently delivered, from the Wall Street Journal.

At that point, one of Amazon’s Top Ten analysts breakingamenews requested a survey duplicate, which, without help from anyone else could make a ground swell of book deals. (thousands have just perused his survey) A movement author from MSNBC needed to get Kenny’s master exhortation on going to CUBA and reviewed a pleasant story. At that point a month later that equivalent essayist, Christopher Elliott, distributed a variety of the piece for the Tribune Media Service which was then gotten by such prominent distributions as the Seattle Times. The best news? The media asks are as yet coming in. Strangely, three makers and correspondents called me after they got to their office and discovered that Fidel had surrendered, required a Cuba master, did a Google search and discovered my public statement on top of the Google News segment. I love innovation!

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