Making Better Jerky: How to Make Jerky

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We live in uncertain times. It is always best to be prepared for unexpected events, including food shortages. Knowing how to make jerky is one of the best ways to prepare for any eventuality. Jerky is a great way to store your meat because the process removes almost all of the water and juice out of the meat. When making jerky you can use any kind of meat. The best known is beef jerky. It is very popular because it was the staple of the cowboy and the ranch hand for years. When cowboys were moving a herd of cows from one ranch to another, they would take dehydrated beef with them as rations because food was hard to come by in the wilderness and they needed to save their ammunition in case of emergencies &  continental breakfast ideas

Over the centuries, the process of making jerky has become more and more simple. Once, it involved hanging the strips of meat in a smoke house to have all the fat and water smoked out. Now, we have special machines that dehydrate the meat by slowly removing all of the water. This process is faster because of the means by which the meat dehydrates. The only thing that you still have to do is to cut the meat and season it the way you want it.

There are different ways to make beef jerky but several things stay the same. Among them is the preparation. If you know how to make jerky then you know that picking out the meat can be very important. With beef jerky, there are so many cuts of meat to choose from. The best meat for beef jerky should be a lean cut. Using sirloin, as well as top round and eye round will make the dehydration process a lot quicker. Once you have chosen the cut of meat you want, trim off the excess fat. Fat does not dehydrate and can make your jerky rancid or quicker to spoil. After that, begin slicing your meat into thin strips. Less then an eighth of an inch thick is best. If you cannot cut the meat this thin, most butchers will do this for you for free. If you feel confident about doing it yourself, here is a good tip: freezing the meat for about thirty minutes beforehand can make cutting it easier.

There are two ways to cut the meat into the strips. Cutting with the grain can give a nice clean slice of meat. However, it can be a little tough to chew. If you cut the meat against the grain, it will make for a more tender jerky. Make sure that you trim the excess fat off while you are cutting. After you have cut the meat into strips, you can either marinate it, or simply season it and start the dehydration process. If you choose to marinate the strips of meat, you can use a mixture of cider vinegar and sea salt, or any other recipe you prefer. Place the marinating strips in the refrigerator for up to twenty-four hours to let the meat soak in the flavor. However, this process will add moisture and can cause the dehydration process to take longer. It can also make the jerky sticky. Once you have completed this step, you can coat the strips in the seasonings that you choose.

Next, put the meat in a dehydrator. However, before you put them in the dehydrator, you will want to spray the racks of the dehydrator with a non-stick spray first. This will help you pull the meat strips off later on when the jerky is ready. Spread the meat out on the racks evenly making sure that you leave some space between the pieces of meat. This will allow for greater air flow around the meat. It is best to leave the meat in the dehydrator over night. Six to twelve hours is best. When you know how to make jerky, it can be a lot of fun. There are many uses for the dehydrated meat. You can use it as a snack when you are watching television, or if you are out for a hike. You can enjoy it for a long time and it is easy to make.

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