Processionary caterpillars: deadly danger for your dog

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Musher and I were living in Brittany a couple of months back. I had ambiguously known about a bug caterpillar in the south through doomsayer investigates TV.

Presently living in Languedoc-Roussillon, one of them enlightens me concerning this yearly plague during a stroll among experts and canines. As the sun has returned and the temperatures are hotter, the processionary caterpillars are now back & Chenilles processionnaires yvelines.

He informs me concerning the instance of his canine who lost piece of her tongue on account of these grimy monsters and of another individual from the gathering who figured out how to get her canine to the vet so as to evade the most noticeably terrible ….

And afterward yesterday, I go to walk my canine ​​in a corner that I like. I see a great deal of processionary caterpillar homes at the highest point of the trees however I choose not to pivot. I open my eyes and keep a close eye on him and watch these damn caterpillars. Also, there, I see Musher getting a home in the mouth in a little tree … Frenzy !! I shout at her to spit quickly and surge at my bitch to open her mouth and review her tongue.

I needed to open his mouth once consistently for 60 minutes, in case the side effects show up … Be that as it may, we come out with more dread than hurt and for me, a MEGA trepidation … .

Sadly, I have met many individuals ignorant about these hazardous processionary caterpillars for your canine . Here is a finished article to have a deep understanding of this scourge.


The processionary caterpillar is a risky traderinput nuisance for people and creatures. It has a great many stinging hairs delivered if there should arise an occurrence of peril or stress. On the off chance that the creature is stomped on, squashed, passed up the breeze … its hairs break and stay present or fly away. Regardless of whether your pet is in direct contact with its hair by putting the nose on it or ingesting the bug or in roundabout contact by grunting a spot where they have lost their hair, the threat is the equivalent.

It is tanish in shading with orange spots on the top and sides. She is furry.

From February, during times of a few days of gentle temperatures, the parades will start. The parades last until around June. In the spring, the caterpillars forget about the tree and come in parade to tunnel into the earth. This is the point at which it is the most stinging. Every caterpillar will weave its own casing where the change into a chrysalis then into a butterfly will happen.

The caterpillar will turn into a moth that generally just lives one night. The butterfly is dark with dark examples and whitish spots. This butterfly hatches among June and September relying upon the atmosphere.

The female butterfly lays its hatchlings in the pines. These hatchlings will shed a few times throughout the colder time of year and when they arrive at the fourth shed, they structure huge homes at the highest point of the branches on the south side to exploit the sun’s beams. They come out around evening time in parade to take care of. What’s more, during the last parade to arrive at the ground and become a butterfly, they have become delayed bombs!

Cautioning: inn risk!

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Caterpillars are covered with hairs that cause bothering in individuals and creatures.

These light and delicate hairs fall off effectively when the caterpillar is concerned or energized and can be overwhelmed by the breeze.

At the point when the hair breaks, from the principal contact, the stinging and allergenic substance it contains is delivered and causes serious tingling in creatures and in people too.

They are the reason for hypersensitive responses of shifting levels of seriousness going from straightforward urtication to anaphylactic stun.

In creatures, instances of putrefaction of the tongue are successive. Inquisitive creatures approach and connect with their truffles or more awful take them in their mouths. A ulceration will show up rapidly, the creature will slobber, the lips and tongue will expand and turn red and start to solidify and turn white at that point dark purple. The aggravation is vicious and exceptional.

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